Senior Superlatives
Posted on 11/01/2016

2016-2017 The Final Cut: Senior Superlatives  Name: _________________________






Biggest Gossip

Dashea Green

Frank Carifi

Most likely to save a life (medical award)

Baily Bellamy

Bradley Tilton

Worst case of senioritis

Keunna Strong

Chris Teaford

Best nickname

Larqueria Watts

Austin Layman

Cutest couple that never was

Aveah Marlon

Timothy Murphy

Biggest Drama Queen / King

Diamon Dallas

Kendrick Brooks

Most likely to be caught sleeping in class

Tatyana Hagans

Travis Williams

Biggest Scaredy Cat

Josie Denham

Timothy Murphy

Biggest Motorhead

Katie Lee

Chris Parrish

Most likely to be a starving artist (most artistic)

Lindsey Stillword

Nathan Delacruz

The one who always needs a ride

Jasmine Austin

Kenneth Neely

Most sarcastic

Knaria Vickers

Cody Wood


Jasmine Honor

Kevin King

Most likely to have the American Dream Life (brick house,2 kids...)

Monica Feggin

Matthew Westbury

Biggest dreamer

Jasmin Martinez

Jess Motes

Human seagull (food thief)

Tamiya Fuce

Benny Wilkinson

Forever best friends

Jazmyn Gilyard, Madison Simmons

Deamareyae Givens, Robert Passmore

Best shoe game

Shastarria McCaskill

Billy Calkins

Most likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize

Branay McKnight

Austin Langston

Most likely to ask for a dollar

Abrielle Robertson

Blake Johns

Best dressed

Zakeriya Rasher

Anfernee Royster

Most likely to become a farmer

Katie Lee

Jet Counts

Most likely to travel the world

Kayla Booth

Caleb Foreman

Best all around

Jordan Nearing

James Campbell

Best truck

Kelsi Cates

Payton Parrish

Most likely to win Grammy/Oscar/Tony (music/cinema/acting)

Jasmine Leonard

Lucas Surrency

Best personality

Courtney Mikell

Demareyae Givens

Worst car

Tanya Thomas

Ian Adkins